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Education in Paluknys

Education in Paluknys started in 1915. During the period of 1915-1917 lessons were held in a private house, where only one teacher taught schoolchildren. Only his second name remained – Apalevic. In 1918–1921 pupils were educated by Helena Lastovska; lessons took place in the presbytery. In 1921 school of Paluknys was founded in a 4 unit public house of Sadovskiai; lessons were held by teacher V.Sadovska.

During the period of 1925-1927 a typical wooden school building of 7 units was built. At that time, two teachers were responsible for the education process – husband and wife Bzozovskiai. In 1938 the following teachers were present: J.Guznicekas, H.Kuzmova ir V.Ptakuvna. When the Nazi occupation took place, the school building was turned into German military headquarters. After the front, parents of the schoolchildren renovated the building and the school continued it educational processes. School administrative staff included: Z.Malyško, K.Packevičius, U.Lastovska.

Since 1954 the seven-year school was headed by L.Gorpinič. Three years later, an electrical system was installed and first graduates celebrated their end of school year. It was the only monolingual Polish school, which also taught pupils of varied nationalities. Further on, two Russian classes were formed.

In 1961, first Lithuanian class was founded, which included 7 children. In 1963, a huge extension to the school was built. Finally, in 1964 the school was named as a secondary school and in 1967 it celebrated its first graduate party.

In 1975, a huge dormitory of 80 beds was built next to the school. Until 1995, bilingual secondary school of Paluknys has released 28 Polish, 9 Russia and 9 Lithuanian graduate generations. During the period of 1964-1977, the school was headed by V. Kamilevic.

Until 1994, the school was ruled by head teacher S.Kodis. During his managerial years, he built a new, spacious school building. In 1994 the school was divided into Polish-Russian and separate Lithuanian schools; the Polish-Russian division was headed by Jan Zachaževski.

Since 2009 Agnieška Sakovic has been appointed as a head teacher of the school.

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